100 Nano-Stories: INAM Reflections!

Episode #27: My Takeaways On INAM & Material Science Round Table Discussion!

Preface! → ✨

CEOs, Corporates, and researchers discussed problems for collaborations with corporates in Material Science, customers, and more, and learned the truth in the advancements of nanotechnology & materials science! Thank you, INAM and co.! 🤩

Background on INAM! → 📓


But enough talking! Let’s get to the good stuff! What did I learn? What lessons can I share with you, reader? Here you go! 😊

Discussion + My Takeaways! → 🧠

Problems For Collaborations With Corporates In Material Science! 🤔

A layer of different people makes big decisions.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a good connection for collaboration

Don’t give away all your technology, but don’t hide the tech either.

Networking can be really difficult in looking for investors/customers.

Startups can provide a backbone for the process.

A lot of companies start with the idea, but not with the plan, for a startup, you want to meet the right people.

An ideal startup would be:

  • Clarity of the product they are trying to make.
  • No confusion.
  • How you are presenting the idea to people?
  • The relevance of the technology to society/customers.
  • What is in for the investor(s) for supporting the technology/product?
  • A startup should have a strong founding team.
  • The startup has validated its market.
  • The startup has executed its idea.
  • Investors/ Corporates are looking for a startup, but they are looking for an idea, clarity of the idea, a product, and a good-working team.

Tor Einar Norbakk (CEO Of Svenska Aerogel AB) 😁

Author’s Note: Yes, I know, I’m biased to Aerogel, but here are my takeaways from what he talked about! 😉 Briefly, he has been at Svenska Aerogel AB for 2 years as CEO.

  • Focus on the market & who you want to sell the product to.
  • Svenska Aerogel AB was more on research when they started.
  • You need to go from government funding to customer funding to grow.
  • What is the challenge they’re trying to overcome in a company? That is what you should face now.
  • For every valuable connection, share about the idea. That will lead to future success.
  • If you can demonstrate your product/idea to your potential first customer or valuable connection, you have a BIG win for the product/company/idea in the long run.

And speaking of customers, dear reader. . .

How To Get The First Big Customer! 💰

  • Don’t talk too much about Technology to the customer. Explain the product, but don’t necessarily go into the mechanisms of it.
  • What are we discussing for the (material science) industry when customers notice our product? What do we expect from the product?
  • Use POC to customers (Proof of Concept)
  • The complexity of the product will determine the clarity and knowledge that you have. If you can’t explain your product, it’s not a good one to sell to customers.

Closing Thoughts With INAM! 💭

The worst mistake for improving a product is declining to reach out for the right feedback, let alone ask for any feedback. Another challenge is finding the right resources, and how to follow up for a startup or product.

Once again, huge shoutout to INAM for organizing the event and allowing me to participate in your discussions! Thank you so much! :)

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