100 Nano-Stories: New Chapter!

Bonus: What’s Next After “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!”?

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
3 min readMay 27, 2021

Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. ~ President John F. Kennedy.

Well, “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!” is complete! But now what?

This article is to describe what I plan to work on in the future. Specifically, I will be focusing on Organic/Carbon-based Nanomaterials.

  • Aerogel
  • Graphene
  • Nanotechnology

I believe I found my passion because most of my effort is focused on the topics I mentioned above. Could my passions change? Yes.

But for now, this is the path that I want to continue. I love nanotechnology and organic nanomaterials. :)

Having that said, these are the paths that I would want to dive into and learn more about organic/advanced materials:

  • Intern at Aspen Aerogels, Aerogel Technologies, or X Lab at Stanford and work on the development of silica, carbon, or graphene aerogels!
  • Research Climate Change with a Climate Change Startup and find new/revolutionary applications for either Graphene and/or Aerogel!
  • Understand more in-depth about Organic Nanomaterials and all their derivatives to create a research proposal for a new nanomaterial!

But Carlos, will you write something unique like “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!” in the future?

Here is my answer:

Okay, okay. Jokes aside. But seriously, I won’t be writing this consistently anymore. I was writing 5 articles per week when it came to “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!” It was worth it, but I won’t be writing that consistently anytime soon.

Secondly, my Medium account is mostly based on “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!”. I want to preserve the account and keep my digital book as the main creation.

Medium will no longer be my main writing site. I will be moving to Grinfer.com and continue writing on Organic Nanomaterials. I will be writing on Grinfer 2–3 times per week. The length of each article will be 3–7 minutes.

I will not abandon Medium entirely. Once every week, I will upload an article from Grinfer to Medium and share it with all my followers. The second option will be creating an original article on Medium and publishing it.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, and I hope you accept/support my decision to take the next step in an unconventional path. 🙏🏽

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