100 Nano-Stories: Subscripts Of Aerogel!

Episode #63: Additional Nomenclature (Mathematics)!

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
2 min readApr 9, 2021

Preface! ✨

It’s your favorite material science & nanotechnology enthusiast! Today, I want to cover up some additional subscripts of Aerogel and its meaning behind them!

While they are not used as much in math as the previous article below, they are essential to our understanding of both math & chemistry. Check out the article below to learn more about the main nomenclatures in aerogels!

But enough talking! What are these additional subscripts that are important to mathematical formulas?

Subscripts Explained! 💡

Definitions! 🔑

Nomenclatures mean a system of names, symbols, and terms for a certain branch of science, mathematics, arts, etc.

For example, there are certain rules you have to learn to understand calculus, soccer, quantum physics, etc. These rules, equations, or laws are nomenclatures for that specific branch of interest!

Subscripts are smaller letters that appear of a larger word and below the normal line of the equation/definition.

Now that is out of the way, let’s define some of the subscripts in aerogel! 😁

Main Subscripts Of Aerogel! 🔑

app → Apparent.

b → Blanket.

cond. → Conduction.

eff → Effectively.

f or F→ Fiber.

g → Gas.

gs → Gas-Solid Region.

m → Medium.

s Solid.

rad. → Radiation.

aAerogel particle layer.

l → Length (m).

r → Radius (m).

T → Temperature (K).

t → Thickness (m).

A → Area (m²).

D → Diameter (m).

lp → Large Particle.

Closing Thoughts! 💭

This was a brief introduction to many symbols that we will have to encounter on our mathematical journey through aerogel technologies via thermodynamics, chemistry, and optics!

Author’s Note:

I may not be 100% accurate, since I do not have enough knowledge on these topics and background to give you a clear response, but I will be talking to scientists on these topics and learning higher-level math as quickly & efficiently as possible to express these discoveries in simple terms! 😄

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