100 Nano-Stories: The Future Of Organic Nanomaterials. . . In 100 Seconds Or Less! 🌠

Episode #100: Solving The World’s Biggest Problems!

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
4 min readMay 29, 2021

Preface! ✨

It’s your favorite material science and nanotechnology enthusiast! The tears shall flow. But don’t worry, I have handkerchiefs on my end of the screen. So many concepts of material science and nanotechnology to be applied in today’s world. It’s just waiting for you. . .

Okay, time to be serious! This is the last episode of “100 Nano-Stories: Bookmarked!”, and I want to give you the big picture. It’s time to look at how aerogel, graphene, and organic nanomaterials could be applied to society 30 years from now.

There is no article to prepare you today, reader! Let’s begin today’s topic! 😃

Solving WBPs! 💡

Definitions! 🔑

WBP → World’s Biggest Problems!

Organic Nanomaterial → The material has the element Carbon as the “spine” of the molecule/compound.

Nano → One-billionth of a meter. To visualize that, if you took a marble and placed it on the ground, the Earth is one meter, and the marble is one nanometer.

One Last Nano-Story! 🌠

It’s most likely you’re sitting down and reading this. You’re sitting on a bunch of chemicals that have certain properties. These properties created stiffness and strength, which created the chair.

Materials are all around us. Your laptop, the concrete, a book, a pillow: you name it! Materials are just chemicals arranged in an orderly fashion that results in thermal, mechanical, and optical properties.

Diamond & Graphite are made of carbon atoms only! The way the atoms are arranged gives you different properties/materials!

Without chemistry being able to arrange to create materials, the life you live wouldn’t exist. Some of these materials have been created either by brilliance, accident, or stupidity. Either way, there is an infinite number of materials in the world. It seems like there is a material for every problem! 😵

But we don’t, reader. We don’t.

As we progress towards the future, there will be challenges that humanity needs to solve. Some of these problems range from access to clean water to reducing carbon emissions to more powerful medicine. These obstacles are known as The World’s Biggest Problems (WBPs).

The majority of these problems demand the development and scale of advanced materials with properties we can’t imagine today.

There is good news! We have developed two wonder materials: Aerogel & Graphene! :)

Aerogel is the world’s lightest solid! It has incredible thermal insulation properties and high transparency!

Graphene is the world’s most conductive material! The material is made of carbon atoms only!

You can create aerogel with different chemicals/atoms. Some of the aerogels produced are silica aerogels, polymer aerogels, carbon aerogels, and graphene aerogels.

Carbon Aerogel!

Carbon aerogels & graphene are organic nanomaterials. The properties of the materials are at the nanoscale (one-billionth of a meter).

But why are organic nanomaterials so important?

Life is made out of organic chemicals. The 4 main elements that allow for life to exist are hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), and carbon (C).

Here are some examples of where these elements are essential:

Our atmosphere has Nitrogen & Oxygen!
DNA has all 4 essential elements!

To enhance society, we need to play with the chemistry that created humans. That chemistry is organic chemistry/materials. Secondly, we’re seeking to create better medicines to cure cancer, travel to Mars, and solve the World’s Biggest Problems!

In my opinion: The materials of future space exploration, medicine, and solutions to WBPs will be organic (carbon-based) materials/nanomaterials.

You have to play the game of nature, and nature uses carbon as the backbone of everything alive: animals, plants, humans. To go against the chemistry of nature can be quite foolish because you will always lose.

Closing Thoughts! 💭

The answers will always be there. Sometimes it takes an individual to decipher the code and explain it to you. Sometimes it requires you to imagine and create the future. But it always ends as a story remembered by many.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and watched my knowledge grow into a digital book. I couldn’t have done it without you. Humbled to be alive. 🙏🏽

With that, time to write the words you’ve been waiting for so long:

🎉 It. Is. Over. 🎉


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