100 Nano-Stories: Where In My Life Will I Use Aerogel?

Episode #18: Overview of Aerogel Applications!

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
3 min readJan 27, 2021
Kistler Aerogel Jacket! Photo by Indiegogo.


This ain’t any regular jacket, reader! This is an aerogel jacket that can keep you warm at minus 300 degrees Celcius! Minus 300 degrees Celcius! Insane!

Woah! That sounds so cool, Carlos! But can you tell me more about where you may talk more about a brief introduction to aerogels?

Hope that covers up some of the knowledge gaps about the overview of aerogels, reader!

But for now, it’s time to get to the cool stuff! Bring up the hype!

GIF by Giphy!

When Can I Use Aerogel In My Life?

Some places where the aerogels can disrupt entire industries are:

  • Terraformation of Mars
  • Window Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Clothing Industry


But let’s talk about an overview of how specifically they can disrupt all of these industries!

Space Exploration: Creating and coating spacecrafts, spacesuits, and instruments of a spacecraft with Aerogel will protect space and prevent spacecrafts from overheating while decreasing the cost of the payload system of the rocket when launched into…SPACE.

Airline Industry: Lightweight superpower combined with the properties of thermal and sound insulation will reduce the weight of airplanes; therefore wasting less money on fuel and preserving the quality of the aircraft!

Marine Exploration: The enhancements in Aerogel’s hydrophobic properties and low density can be used for wetsuits, vehicles, underwater instruments, etc. to reduce cost and diminish the weight a diver or a submarine has to transfer when commencing the journey into the marine world.

Engineering Applications: Airloys have the ludicrous properties to be machined from construction purposes to the frame for that wonderful photo you took when you visited Disneyland for the first time!

But Carlos! Why Can’t I Have My Aerogel Jacket?

Well, reader, you technically can; there’s an article at the end on where you can potentially purchase aerogel jackets!

But the reason why we don’t have this soon is that it is very brittle & weak. We could use airloys, but even airloys take a huge amount of cost & energy to produce at an industrial scale.

So for the next article, I think it’s time we shed some light on. . .


Aerogel’s Cousin! Photo by Daily Mail.

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