amina: episode 000 | unleashed.

the notes.

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
2 min readDec 3, 2023

amina is alive.

and this is where she holds her words for the citizens.

our mission?

protect the constituents who cannot protect themselves.


what does that mean for ‘amina’?

and protect from what?

amina is the attempt to restore and multiply our trust.

trust is the most powerful currency ever made by mankind.

yes, more powerful than money, materials, food, women, or anything.


when you buy that new car, you trust it doesn’t have a bomb in it, true?

maybe. idk.

or perhaps you trust your friend won’t betray you in the future.

or someone cheating on you.

or trusting that the aircraft won’t self-destruct 20000 feet in the air.

just sayin’…

trust is transacted first before anything else.

we are protecting that currency of trust: for you, your family, your friends, your locals…

but, carlos, from what??? AI?

no. not AI… yet lol.

amina was made to protect the currency of trust from the future.

emerging technology has polarized our communities to levels that were equivalent to the civil war (minus the bloodshed).

and when division exists, our values will diminish and deteriorate.

we will have nothing left to defend.

not even our families, our land, our children, ourselves.

no insitution has earned the right to squeeze the pulse of your actions in their grasp.

so that is why amina has arrived.

to give you the attempt to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

from what?

from those who desire dominance over your existence.

the institutions we made to protect us… they can still live & breathe.

they just need to be held accountable.

it’s your home, after all.


say hello to amina:

your ticket to have a voice in deciding the future of your town.

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