Aerogel: Next Steps

Week #27: What’s After The Filters?

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
2 min readJan 24, 2023

Preface! ✨

Hello everyone!

My intentions for writing these articles are:

  • Explain technical information about aerogels in simple terms (to the public)
  • Store information and habits for my future self and others (in <7 minutes)

Coolio? Sweet. Enjoy the series :-)

TL;DR | Where To Go?👣

Let’s consider the upcoming decade’s plan.

How would we tackle the upcoming obstacles that lay upon us?

Why did we consider this outcome?

When a founder runs out of vision, the company dies.

It’s worth considering transitioning to heavy-metal ion face masks after a successful product launch of the filters.

The key would be using recycled heavy metal ions to attract viruses and other heavy metal ions in heavily industrialized areas.

Some areas include Peru, India, Bangladesh, etc.

La Oroya, Peru

I looked into previous research validating the efficiency of a face mask for heavy metal ions…

And these are the results.

The idea of exploiting metals against microorganisms can be considered ancient.

In fact, the use of silver was a common expedient for cooking procedures and for preserving water from contamination. The importance of silver for its curative properties has been known for centuries. Additionally, silver has been the most extensively studied metal for purpose of fighting infections and preventing food spoilage.

The development of antibiotics, prophylaxis against gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum with silver ions was considered the standard of care in many countries until the end of the 20th century. (Source)

We propose that the adsorption processes of the three metal ions onto pristine and aged DFMs (Disposable Face Masks) mainly involve electrostatic interaction and surface complexation according to the above phenomena.

In summary, oxygen-containing functional groups in pristine and aged DFMs provide binding sites for Pb2+, Cd2+, and Sr2+ adsorption.

The pristine DFMs interact with the three metal ions mainly through electrostatic interaction. Electrostatic interaction and surface complexation jointly regulate the adsorption of three metal ions onto aged DFMs. (Source)

The Decade Plan: Next Steps 🔍

You now must consider the following questions:

  • Why would people buy this?
  • Is there even a need for these people?
  • Target market?
  • How to reach them?
  • What design of a face mask do they like?
  • Do they even want to wear a face mask?
  • Does the face mask need to be disposed every day?
  • What story should the product be packaged in?
  • What is their current pain points/roadblock with air quality?
  • What payment plan is best for the target customers?

The walk continues. 🏃

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