Aerogel: Río Sonora, Mexico

Week #24: Heavy Metal Ions (Real-Life Stories)


Preface! ✨

Hello everyone!

My intentions for writing these articles are:

  • Explain technical information about aerogels in simple terms (to the public)
  • Store information and habits for my future self and others (in <7 minutes)

Coolio? Sweet. Enjoy the series :-)

One More Home Story 🌐

Let’s give the basics. Here is a Google Earth Screenshot of the communities surrounding El Río Sonora, Mexico.

The following stories/notes came from research and testimonials. Muchas gracias por sus historias. 🙏

Welcome to their world.

“While they make plans and new samplings, while they wash their hands between institutions, our lives are going away. The government is letting us die of poisoning.”

José Manuel López | Resident of San José de Baviácora, Sonora, México

The origin of contamination of their waters occurred from a waste accident.

The toxic spill at the Buenavista del Cobre mine in Sonora is the largest mining disaster in Mexico…

It is affecting more than 20,000 people and extends 250 kilometers to Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora.

There is a high concentration of arsenic and lead in the wells used by the nearby population (of the river) for:

  • Human Consumption
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
Mario, From Sonora, With High Lead Level In His Blood

The Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) explains to the Sonora River Basin Committees that in 98.85% of the wells and homes where water sampling was carried out…

Heavy metals' concentrations were higher than those allowed by Mexican health regulations.

How much?

Approximately 450 tons of heavy metal ions are in the river.

The common ones were:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
Current River Color Of Sonora

After analyzation of 650 affected in eight municipalities around the Sonora River:

  • Over 95% of the population tested had lead in their blood.
  • 50% of the population had arsenic.
  • 79% of the population had cadmium.

However, there are other claims from investigators that do not believe the water is contaminated…

Rather the ground, wells, & aquifers contain the toxic mining remains.

“Even if you see transparent water, there can be high levels of metals in it. They have a harmful effect on health by accumulation.

There comes a time when the cells collapse & when diseases & cancer appear.

That could happen within five to ten years.”

Antonio Romo | Universidad de Sonora

Contaminated CLEAR Water From Bacanuchi, Sonora, Mexico

Why Did We Write About This? 💭

I wrote about these topics because we genuinely care about the people.

Yes, I faced a similar situation with heavy metal ions. But that is not the entire reason…but it helps in identifying pain points.

A necessity is easy to sell because your life depends on it.

This is why we deeply consider what the potential users think about.

One mistake costs a life.

Understanding people’s pain points allow us to build relationships and build the bridge of trust: the world’s most powerful currency.

Río Sonora, Mexico: Complete. ✔️

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