Mathematics Series: Mind-Mined! ⛏️

Obtaining A Math AD-T In One Year: The Process.


Mark Basarab

sup, everyone.

carlos in the house.

call me CJ.


yep, that’s what the title sounds.

i’m in community college attempting to complete an associate transfer degree in mathematics.

why mathematics?

two reasons:

  1. build skillsets that will allow me to build projects in water contamination & water abundancy
  2. research in physical chemistry / planetary geology (focus on water on other planets), to become an astronaut

yes, i mean it.

i truly believe in this:

“share the wrld what i want. and when i ask, and crave it with all my energy, the universe will mold my experience so i can obtain my treasure… as long as u show up and deliver on the promises i make to myself.

i have accepted to pay an ignorance debt, maybe some financial debt, and pain, suffering, to absorb these experience into my life timeline.

and now, to do the heavy lifting.


this place is where i will attempt to teach every single concept that i come across during the year.

topics will include:

  • calculus I, II, III
  • linear algebra
  • differential equations
  • physics
  • proving why formulas work (deriving them)
  • and sum random shit lol


’cause it sticks more in ur brain when u attempt to distribute knowledge via ur own perception & understanding.

so that’s y i do it.

do i know where i wanna go?

tbh, yes.

but not so sure yet.

all i know is:

to get to the top pick in university,

i must do the tasks in front of me so that i can see the promised land.

…and yes, i’ll upload the posts depending on what concept i acquire.

but expect the posts on saturday afternoons/evenings.

God’s on my side.

He only tests those who he luvs.

so time to show Him, thx.

watch me.


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