Preface ✨

On Sunday, I woke up early in the morning for a run. Before going for my run, I always pray to give gratitude for being alive, but as I look up, I can barely see any stars. Strange. Normally, I can see the Big Dipper at 5 a.m., but there is so much skyglow from the light people are using in their homes.

Light Pollution 101 💭

Light pollution is an excess of light, mostly cause by manmade objects or causes.

Don’t Blink. . . or It’s K.O. 💥

(Notice: Facts below are specific to the US.)

There’s More Than One! 😮

Over-Illumination is the use of more light than is required to light up a certain place (or area); this is most common in densely populated cities.

Some VERY Easy Fixes. . . 🔨

For the individual, the best solutions for light pollution (currently) are:

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