Merging Unknown Phenomenons: The Cosmos And Consciousness (Philosophy/Mentality Series)

Welcome, Human Beings. I see You were Interested in My Article and I Thank You for it. You must be Hungry for Knowledge and Awareness, or maybe The Title caught Your Attention. Either way, before We take a Journey through The Cosmos and Consciousness: Buckle Up and Remember These Terms. In the meantime, sit back and Sense Your Awareness of The World wandering out of Your Body and into The Cosmos.

Consciousness- A Human’s Awareness, Our Perspective of Understanding, Our Ego.

Cosmos- The Universe Observed as a Well-Ordered Whole; Entity; The Opposite of Chaos.

Ego- Individuality and Identity of a Person; The Sense of The Self.

Ego Death- Temporary or Permanent Extraction of Your Identity, Eliminating The Sense of The Self.

Consciousness in a Nutshell

Speaking of Truth, The Truth of Everything (Knowledge, Experience, Awareness, etc.) is Screened through The Built-In VR Headset connected to a Person’s Consciousness. The Human Body can not understand The Truth of The World, so We are Equipped with Senses to Create a Consciousness of Reality. (Example: Our Eyes only See certain Wavelengths of The Electromagnetic Spectrum).

That has not stopped The Human Race to be Innovative and Build Modern Technology to expand Our Awareness or Consciousness of Things in The Universe that People were not Equipped With. Yet Our Consciousness has hypnotized Us to Believe We are all Different from each other. Why?

The Human: Mind + Body + Soul = ???

“The Mind is Everything, what You Think You will Become.” — Socrates

Who Remembers a popular computer game known as Poptropica? Never heard of it? Well, let Me clarify. When You enter Poptropica as a New Member, it will ask for Your age and Gender to reveal a Poptropica Character that can be Customized to Your liking.

The same process occurs with Ourselves. We can customize Ourselves to who We want to Be in the Past, Present, and Future. However, Nobody can equal The Power of Human Consciousness…Right?

Mankind is the Most Dominant Species on Earth, but how do We know for sure that Other Species living on the Planet we call “Home” can Think and Behave like a Person? Well, Animals have evolved to Unite as Packs of Wolves or a Prickle of Porcupines or a Pride of Lions to Create a Well-Established Society, just like Humans.

But more importantly, how do I know YOU (Yes, YOU, who is reading This Article) is as Conscious as any other person on this planet? A little lost? I’ll give You My Perspective.

My Mind believes I am just as Conscious as Anyone And Anything Else on Earth. I have The Power of The 5 Senses in My Personal Physical Body like Any other Human Being, and My Soul uses My senses to create My Own Thoughts, which can be turned into a Perspective, which can Potentially be Released in The Form of Emotions, which can be Written down onto a Paper or Computer. But how am I supposed to figure out if Anybody out in The World can Truly Look, Think, Behave, like Me right now? I can not See through Your Identity with a stunning 100% accuracy. I can not Live in Your Mind. Your Body. Your Soul.

Your Life.

Life = Ego?

…Because there is Only One World: The Fundamental Reality, or as Mankind classifies it, Quantum Mechanics (also known as Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory). However, The Majority of Society sees “The World” separate from The Cosmos. We want to Believe it was Other Forces that got Us to the Present (Fate, Destiny, etc.), and in the process, We acquired a New Tool to separate Consciousness from The Cosmos: Joy.

Humans have cut down Forests for Wood to build Homes for Our Personal Comfort, or for the Joy of seeing Things falling down. We play violent video games to Kill opponents or Shoot an Innocent Person in Real Life just to feel a moment of Joy. Climate change is occurring because of Our Sources of Energy Generation, Energy Storage, and Food Production to have temporary Joy in Our Daily Lives. We can no longer maintain The Line between Awareness of The Self and Awareness of The World. An Ego is breathed into The Cosmos. 😮

Let’s Time Travel to Your Birthday

Who am I? What is My Purpose in The World in these devastating outcomes? Why was I put here on this planet with these people?… 🤔

Consciousness forgets Critical Information. I write the Words onto the Computer, I am writing through My Perspective on Consciousness, but I was Inspired by Other People who Suggested that I write about My take on Consciousness and The Cosmos in the Sense of Philosophy, which makes Me Aware that I have to include all the possible configurations of mindsets on Earth. Despite all these Questions and Differences that Originated in The Brain, The Answers are also Stored in The Mind, which makes Me conclude We are Fundamentally Equal to One Another. But in what Perspective are We Radical to One Another? Well, let’s do something We all want to Experience.

We are going Back in Time 13.7 Billion Years Ago!!! Hold on!!!🤩

All Matter and Energy burst into Life when The Big Bang occurred (I know that there are Other Theories of how The Cosmos/Universe came to Exist, but the Majority of Us believe The Big Bang Theory is the Most Accurate by Science). Infinitely Small Particles Encapsulated in The Standard Model that Mankind developed to Understand The Universe is the Foundation of all Matter and Forces/Energy that composes The Universe. All Humans are made of Matter and Energy from The Big Bang, specifically Up and Down Quarks. You are made of the same Matter and Energy that Created the Earth, The Stars, The Universe. 🧤(Hang on to This Information for Later! You will Need it!)🧤 With that in Mind:

Were You born on the Day Your Birth Certificate Mentions?


Were You born when The Big Bang Occurred?

However, We see Ourselves as just “US” or Humans walking on Trillions of Particles that made it Possible to Sustain Life. We did not Pray to a God or Ask for a Miracle. But since We are Made of the Same Fundamentals that make up The Earth and The Cosmos, did We make This Happen?

Are we Gods? Goddesses?

I do not Know. Let your Ego tell Me.🤯

Definition of a Human

Are WE Altered from The Known Universe?


Are WE The Known Universe?

I will bet You a Dollar You will respond with “No” in Your Mind even after Wandering through the Art of Science and Philosophy Skillsets. Why? It’s because of How We define Society, The Human Race, Ourselves. We Search for Answers on how Mankind, The Stars, and The Universe came into Existence when We are The Universe just trying to decode and understand Our Own Language. But how did We even reach this Conclusion that We are The Universe, The World, rather than Be in a Trance that We are victims of Our Own World? 🤔

It’s “ME”.

What part of “Me” is ME? Does “Carlos Manuel” mean Anything? 🤨

All Humans demonstrate Different levels of Consciousness, Different Egos, Values, Truths, Personalities, etc. Now if We throw away The Ego out The Window, you Understand that The World is Connected. There really is no “You” or “Me”. The Roots of Human Society and The Cosmos Inflated into Life by Two Things: Matter and Energy. ✨


According to The Cosmos, Energy can not be Created or Destroyed. Energy can only transfer from one form of Energy to another. But what does This have to do with You and I Dying? Well, you and I believe that once We Die, We are forever gone, but Our Energy will Continue on as long The Universe Expands (with the Help of Dark Energy!).😉 You and I are The Known Universe; because We were Made from The Known Universe! However, this does not seem to Satisfy Us, because of Our Egos picture Matter and Energy as hints for an awaiting Fate. For wherever there is Life, it will Hint a Sense of Death.

So if Death is not the End of You and Me, then what is it Supposed to Mean? Simple. IT IS THE DEATH OF EGO.

TMI- My Experience

I thought to achieve Ego Death, it must be only done Intentionally through Special Psychedelic Drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), Psilocybin, or “Special Mushrooms”.

(Do Not Attempt reaching Ego Death that way! Not safe!💀).

I didn’t mean to achieve Ego Death Intentionally just so that I could Write about a topic that lacks Understandability. Yet, somehow I lost The Sense of The Self in the process of Writing This Article. I will try to explain My experience in this Ludicrous state as best to My Ability.

Ego Death is Seeing The World without Prejudice. Your Biases are Erased and You have a Fresh Perspective to Interact with The Cosmos. All Sense of The Self is gone. Vanished into thin air.

The Thought or Idea of Identifying as “A Human Being” is complete BS at this point, along with Words to describe You: (“Me” or “I”). You are only Aware that You Exist, and nothing else in Life Matters.

How does it feel to be in the state of Ego Death?

Without Your Identity and Free of Everything, You feel as if You are “Free-Falling”. You are in the air flying down, you crash, but you do not feel an Impact, as if You are still Flying in The Air. While exiting The Void and crash-landing in his home town of Bricksburg, Emmet lands in a construction site where all The Pieces are broken down to their Absolute Basic Level. At The Beginning of “The Lego Movie”, Emmet would probably ask Himself, “What are These Things? I need The Instructions! Does This Piece connect to this piece? I don’t know!!!” Ego Death achieves a Consciousness so high that He no longer Visions that there are Rules or if He can Relate to the Objects or vice versa. Instead, He begins to see the Objects/Things from what They Fundamentally are. Ego Death permits You to experience an Awareness so high that Nobody can Understand or Explain with Words.

“I can see everything!” -Emmet

However, Words such as “Things”, “See”, and “I” have no Meaning in Ego Death. They no longer have a Purpose and Identity. They are Nothing more than a Noun, a collection of Letters, a Tool to try and Understand The Cosmos as We know it. Here on Earth, Everything Humans have Created since We stepped foot on Earth 2 million years ago was made as a Tool to try and Understand The World around Us. Some examples include different forms of Government, Laws, National and Indigenous Languages, Different Mindsets created The Branch of Philosophy, etc. Ego Death unplugs The Cord of The “Human Race Identification Card” that connects You to These Man-Made Tools, therefore, You become disconnected from Everything. The Phrases “I felt”, or “I see”, or “I hear” are not Logical Enough to Explain The World and Ego Death. They just do not Make Sense.

At The End of The Lego Movie, Emmet is Finally Free from His Ego, Identity, and shatters His Inadequacies, Thoughts, etc. His Mind can finally wander off into The World and Judge Things by what They actually are. (One of The greatest movies I ever saw as a Kid!)👏👏👏

Conclusion (Part 1)

Conclusion (Part 2)

The Universe is also like A Human Body. In trillions and trillions of years, all The Matter in The Cosmos (White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Black Holes) will lose all of Its Matter. But Energy can not be Created or Destroyed. Energy can only Transfer from one form of Energy to Another. So somehow, The Energy of The Cosmos could possibly Remain in a vast emptiness of Zero Matter.

Matter in The Cosmos is like the Material inside an Hourglass. At some Point in Time, there is no more Matter, and Energy has changed into a Different State of Energy where it can not fuse to make Matter. Matter in The Universe ends, but Energy is Required for Matter to fall to the Bottom Half of the Hourglass. So The Universe still Exists. Eventually, enough Energy could be Concentrated into a Singularity again to flip the Hourglass, hence The Universe will become Something Else: New Matter, New Energy, a New “Ego”.

Matter is The Cosmos’ form of Identity, Its Ego. Without Matter, The Cosmos achieves Ego Death: Pure Energy. Yet Matter can always be Restored. Which brings My Conclusion to a few Words:



Is it Possible to Learn This Power?

People have an Awareness that We sometimes call Feelings. One of These Feelings is called “Love”. Let’s define Love, shall We?

Google (I really mean Humans) defines Love as:

  1. An Intense Feeling of Deep Affection
  2. Romantic or Sexual Attraction to Someone
  3. A Great Interest or Pleasure in Something (Sports, Art, etc.)

Do all the Definitions have Anything in common? No? I’ll give You a few Seconds to Think about it but Please DO NOT continue to Read until You have an Understanding of The Definitions.

The Truth is Love Exists, or at least The Identity of Love, is because there is no Sense of The Self in You. You are an Open Portal for Anyone or Anything to Discover, Interpret, and Understand Your Ego.💕 It doesn’t Matter which Definition You relate to, You voluntarily let go of the Doors that isolate You to stop playing The Role of The Victim of The Self and The World. That is a Voluntary Action of Consciousness.

But what about Involuntary Actions of Consciousness? Some Common Examples are Breathing, Your Visceral Muscles in the Stomach digesting Food, The Release of Hormones, etc. Are you trying to Blink Your Eyes when Reading This Article, or is it a Natural Process that not even Words and Phrases can Explain this Action? 🤔

I am no more than The Matter of Trillions of Up and Down Quarks, Energy stored inside These Quarks, add a Pinch of Ego, combine Them, and TA-DA! The Cosmos Created an Alternate World of Everyone and Everything known in The Universe:

ME!?!? 🤯

Consciousness and Ego are taking over The Cosmos... 😰

“Good-bye World!”

Good-bye, Humans. As for Now…

Enjoy Life on Earth. There is So much More for Your Consciousness to Matter because The World relies on Your Energy. 🌌 💓

“Because The World Depends on It.” -Vitruvius




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