Merging Unknown Phenomenons: The Cosmos And Consciousness (Philosophy/Mentality Series)

Consciousness- A Human’s Awareness, Our Perspective of Understanding, Our Ego.

Cosmos- The Universe Observed as a Well-Ordered Whole; Entity; The Opposite of Chaos.

Ego- Individuality and Identity of a Person; The Sense of The Self.

Ego Death- Temporary or Permanent Extraction of Your Identity, Eliminating The Sense of The Self.

Consciousness in a Nutshell

The Human: Mind + Body + Soul = ???

“The Mind is Everything, what You Think You will Become.” — Socrates

Life = Ego?

Let’s Time Travel to Your Birthday

Definition of a Human

It’s “ME”.


TMI- My Experience

I didn’t mean to achieve Ego Death Intentionally just so that I could Write about a topic that lacks Understandability. Yet, somehow I lost The Sense of The Self in the process of Writing This Article. I will try to explain My experience in this Ludicrous state as best to My Ability.

How does it feel to be in the state of Ego Death?

“I can see everything!” -Emmet

Conclusion (Part 1)

Conclusion (Part 2)


Is it Possible to Learn This Power?

  1. An Intense Feeling of Deep Affection
  2. Romantic or Sexual Attraction to Someone
  3. A Great Interest or Pleasure in Something (Sports, Art, etc.)

ME!?!? 🤯

“Good-bye World!”

“Because The World Depends on It.” -Vitruvius





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Carlos Manuel Jarquin Sanchez

Carlos Manuel Jarquin Sanchez

17 |Explorando y activando

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