operation oaxaca: the opener.

i owe you an explanation. (001)

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
2 min readJan 21, 2024

this is carlos.

why did the writing stop for seven months cold?

’cause i need to confess.

i took someone else’s possessions to solve my cause.


i know it’s not the right thing.

and i believe Allah knew it too.

so He did what He had to do to save me.

and killed aquaperla.

destroyed my team.

murder my ego.

shatter bridges of trust.

knock me out of the game for the rest of 2023.

that was the price to save my soul.

it gave me the space to reflect.

submit to Islam.

and become a new man.

and in that time…


it hit me.

an idea that is genuinely mine.

one where the economics give the green light.

and one where the “golden rule” is applied:

to use what you got. nothing more.

and i know they are reading this.

and will supervise me with the eyes of hawks.

so yes, this is my final attempt.

don’t worry.

i cook under pressure.

and as long as i stay true to Allah,

i shall triumph this time.

we have returned.

operation oaxaca shall commence.


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