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the status quo of mangoes, mexico & usa. (005)

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez
2 min readJan 21, 2024

this is carlos.

i gave you a brief introduction to the world of mangoes in mexico.

mexico makes a lotta them.

but how much?

and what’s their cost?

how long does it take?

what are the prices of the peel themselves?

are they in bulk?

let’s find out.


the following material is from a series of articles. links below.

and more information will be added regularly.

mexico is the leading mango supplier to the united states with a 65.5% market share.

mexico send mangoes to the united states between march and august, with the highest volumes arriving in july and august.

in 2021, mexico produced 2,153,884 metric tons of mango.

this is 3.3% more than in 2020.

the top three states:

sinaloa: 423,518 tons

guerrero: 404,561 tons

nayarit: 334,915 tons

the average annual price of premium ataulfo mangos marketed in mexico was $0.56 per pound for 2022.

other things tobe taken into account of the mango are as follows:

the mango peel is the major by-product of mango processing.

and compromises 7–24% of the total mango weight.

so in some cases, 1/4 of the weight (which will be the cost of evaluating a mango’s price)… comes down to the peel.

and the mango peels contain the polyphenols mentioned in previous articles.

this increases the value of the fruit and improves its economic importance.

how come?

the health benefits & the antioxidants humans need in their bodies.

and the bigger the mango, it’s percieved that there’s more polyphenols/antioxidants.

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