The Drop Of Knowledge: “Archived!” 💧

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Preface! ✨

What’s up, my readers! Welcome to “The Drop Of Knowledge”, a public article series on one of the most important resources on Earth:


Additionally, each article will be part of a smaller series/subcategory depending on the topic. These subcategories are called μ-DROP (if you get it, you get it ;)

  • μ-DROP: MΔTERIALISMO talks about the chemistry of water and applications related to material science and nanomaterials.
  • μ-DROP: ¡Una Gota Más! talks about everything related to the water crisis in Mexico City, including my notes.
  • μ-DROP: Unfiltered talks about everything related to explaining miscellaneous concepts of water such as economics, politics, contamination, etc., and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

All of the articles will be 3–5 minutes long. Why? I believe that your attention is your most important resource, so let’s make your attention worth it.

Thanks for paying attention to me and my writing. Now, onto the series.


The Drop Of Knowledge: Porosity (#01)

μ-DROP: ¡Una Gota Más! 🚰

μ-DROP: Unfiltered 🚱

The Drop Of Knowledge: SDG #9 (#02)

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Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez

17 | Building Aquaperla: Extracting Value From Waste(water)