Why Do You Matter?

  • The length, width, or height of the material has to be at the nanoscale.
  • The nanoscale is between 1–100 nanometers. (Nanoscale → 1–100 Nanometers)
  • 0 Dimensional (0-D) Nanomaterials have all 3 dimensions at the nanoscale.
  • 1 Dimensional (1-D) Nanomaterials have 2 of the 3 dimensions at the nanoscale (Length is visible with the eye).
  • 2 Dimensional (2-D) Nanomaterials have 1 of the 3 dimensions at the nanoscale (Length and width are visible with the eye).
  • 3 Dimensional (3-D) Nanomaterials don’t have any of the dimensions at the nanoscale (Length, width, and thickness are visible with the eye).

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Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez

Carlos Manuel Jarquín Sánchez

17 |Explorando y activando

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